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CRM for Recovery Centers

Practical, efficient and easy to use!

CRM for Recovery Centers

Practical, efficient and easy to use!

  • "FIVE CRM is user friendly, transparent and manages our call volume as well as our data. We couldn’t be more pleased with what CCAR and FIVE CRM have built together."


    Rebecca A.Rebecca A.Conneticut Center for Addiction and Recovery
  • "FIVE CRM has been very helpful in helping us in providing recovery coaching and peer support services through our state-wide warm-line and services in emergency rooms in three hospitals"


    Owen D.Owen D.Georgia Council on Substance Abuse

Features that work for your center…

Customization and Automation

The fully customizable addition recovery CRM system you need for Addiction Recovery Centers.

By using FIVE CRM your daily tasks and operations will become more efficient, and the friendly, easy-to-use interface can be changed at any time.

Gain a 360-degree account view, which will enable you to track every interaction as well as the progress of an individual.

Create and customize hundreds of additional fields to store patient information.

Custom Reporting and Advanced Scripting

The system creates a selection of predefined reports for you, however due to the customization available you can create a range of reports.

Use the automation function to have them scheduled and sent to individuals or teams that needs to receive them, when they need them.

The system’s advanced or branched scripting will allow you to create highly detailed scripts for your Coaching purposes.

Our current addiction recovery centers use reports such as “Drug Choice by Demographic” or “Recovery Complete Total by Month”, which can be altered to suit your specific center.

Data Security

We want you to know your data is safe within our system. We offer round the clock security with video monitoring.

Our backup system also protects against fire, flood or any other natural disaster, and our network security employs the latest encryption and preventive technologies.



More Features

Multiple Databases

Have up to 999 database areas. Each database can be configured independently to suit particular functions or departments of a business.

Outbound Calling

Improve agent productivity and accelerate your sales by taking advantage of in-built calling functionality from directly within the application.

Email Marketing

Make a lasting impression. Create beautiful email campaigns without any coding skills and preview your emails before they reach the inbox.

Relationship Management

See your entire pipeline, manage leads and close deals all in real-time. Transform leads into customers and customers into raving fans.

Website Tracking

Identify your website visitors and target them before they have a chance to leave. Transform website visitors into sales-ready leads.

Full Analytics

Capture insightful analytics and understand what drives business. Automate comprehensive reports and have a clear view of your sales funnel.