We have some new and exciting news!

CallPro CRM will soon become FIVE CRM, and will be offering five standalone solutions, allowing new customers more choice and freedom. Allow us to explain…

What’s changing?

On the 26 September 2016, the company known as CallPro CRM will change their name to FIVE CRM. CallPro CRM currently offers one piece of software (also called CallPro CRM) which an array of functionality, from calling to email marketing.

In order to focus on developing our functionality and meet market needs we will offer five standalone solutions going forward, each of which has a particular focus. The 5 product editions available within FIVE CRM are:

  • CallPro CRM – Integrates with your phone system and provides features that assist telemarketing efforts like automatic dialling that allow for effortless lead nurturing over the phone.
  • EmailPro CRM – Contains all of the features you need to send email marketing campaigns; including design, reporting and segmenting functions.
  • ManagePro CRM – Enables you to create profitable and long-lasting relationships through an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) platform.
  • AutomationPro CRM – Tools to automate a variety of marketing processes, such as sending out lead nurturing emails once a contact fulfils certain criteria.
  • DigitalPro CRM – The complete package with full sales & marketing functionality, to help you close more sales and gain more customers. This is effectively the same as the current CallPro CRM software.

How will I be affected?

Current CallPro CRM Users

All current subscriptions to CallPro CRM will automatically become DigitalPro CRM week commencing 10 October 2016. Current users of our CallPro CRM software will not be affected other than the name change. The only noticeable change for current users will simply be the product name displayed within the software (i.e., “CallPro CRM” will become “DigitalPro CRM, powered by FIVE CRM”). You will continue to be able to use the software at the price you currently pay.

All customers will be emailed in due course with further information and upgrade dates. There will be absolutely no functional change for our CallPro CRM customers; you will still enjoy full use of the software.

Those Considering Using Our Software

If you were considering using CallPro CRM for your business, there are now more options available to you. For example, if you only require a general CRM solution you can just subscribe to ManagePro CRM (the CRM platform).

If we’ve been in contact previously, maybe through our website or at an event, then your subscription price will be fixed at £45 per user / per month, providing you join us by 31 December 2016.


Our decision to rebrand is mainly down to how our software has shifted focus since it first went live. Marketing Manager Jordan Ashman explains “Since CallPro CRM was established in 2011, our product offering has developed immensely. Calling and telemarketing is where we came from – hence the name – but it’s no longer our sole focus. This led us to feeling that the name no longer reflects the entirety of our solution.”

We’re incredibly proud of what we have achieved with CallPro CRM, and are glad to be a staple within so many companies’ working lives. Separating the current software into 5 separate product editions offers our customers a practical selection whilst also allowing us to focus our efforts on particular elements of functionality.

Jordan adds “We have developed and evolved to meet the demands of our customers and the market and now offer a much more multifaceted solution. This has culminated in our decision to rebrand as FIVE CRM; the change in name will reflect our new five product editions.”

“This is an exciting step for both ourselves and our customers. We look forward to creating more outstanding sales and marketing solutions as the FIVE CRM brand takes us into the future.”

 More information

For further information on FIVE CRM and the product editions available check out our website: or contact us to begin your free 14-day trial.



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