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AutomationPro CRM

Streamline your marketing processes with AutomationPro CRM

Data Management
With a 360-degree view of your contact information, you can track every interaction including emails sent, website visits and social media activity.
AutomationPro CRM allows you to easily customise and configure you lead scoring. This feature will help draw in the right customers.

Marketing Tools
Nurture your customers and prospects through information that is relevant to them basing it around their interactions and behaviours.
Want to view prospects social media activity? AutomationPro CRM allows you to gain insight, via the information you have gathered.

Example Script Layout

Example Response Setup

Campaign Automation
Our feature rich drag and drop email editor means you can create standout email campaigns. You can use the ready-made templates or start from scratch.
AutomationPro CRM features the ability to create eye catching landing pages, build them around relevant content and forms that are optimized to boost conversions.

Website Insights
Think of all those people visiting your website yet fail to make contact- AutomationPro CRM enables you to identify anonymous website visitors.
The web form feature will make sure you are capturing as many leads as possible. They are quick and easy to build and will give you an insight into what your customers need.