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Brand Guidelines

FIVE CRM Brand Style Guide

This style guide is designed as a resource to provide guidelines and recommendations regarding the use and display of the FIVE CRM icon and letterform logo.

Following FIVE CRM’s Brand Style Guide establishes credibility that the material originated from a trusted source.

Download our logos, icons and letterform in different sizes at the end of this guide. For high-res or custom sizes, you can also download our official Brand Assets Package (high-res and vector files).

These are the terms we use at FIVE CRM:

How to use the FIVE CRM Logo

The default colored logos are standard for use in all cases, except in circumstances where the contrast with the background is disrupting the visibility or readability (see Don’t examples below).

Under special circumstances a mono colored version (black or white) of the logo can be used. For example, if the background color blends with the default icon or letterform (see examples below).

Always do this:

  • Make sure the FIVE CRM logo is visible, readable and with good contrast against the background
  • If you need a custom size, scale the logo proportionally

Don’t do this:

  • Modify the FIVE CRM logo

Note: Using the FIVE CRM letterform is not a requirement, but if you use it, the letterform must be placed on the right-hand side of our icon.

Here are examples of how to use the correct color of the FIVE CRM logo on different backgrounds:

Here’s an example of how to display the FIVE CRM logo correctly:

Clear space around the FIVE CRM logo and icon

The distance between the icon and the letterform is 20% of the height and width of the E character.

The clear space surrounding the FIVE CRM letterform logo should match the height and width of the E character, and should not be less than 20% of the height and width of the E character.

FIVE CRM colorbar

Often the FIVE CRM icon will already be present on the material being created and in cases where this is applicable use of the FIVE CRM color bar is prohibited, see the example below on how it can be used under the letterform and examples of various opacities.

FIVE CRM solutions

Cases when it is needed to display a list of all the available solutions that FIVE CRM offers the solutions should always be listed in the set order found in the example below. If listing them in vertical order height should be limited and forced to keep unity between the logos, if listing them horizontally width should be limited and forced again to keep unity. Here are the examples below for the order and sizing.

The font found in the FIVE CRM letterform and all solutions is Nexa Bold for the initall part with Nexa Light for the CRM suffix. Find examples below of the font in use.

Here is a breakdown of all the colors present in the FIVE CRM logo and their CMYK, RGB, HEX and Pantone values. These values are strict and should always be followed.

CMYK: 100/49/0/36
RGB: 0/84/164
WEB: #0054A4
Pantone: 7685 C

CMYK: 41/0/65/29
RGB: 108/182/64
WEB: #6CB640
Pantone: 360 C

CMYK: 0/38/88/3
RGB: 248/154/29
WEB: #F89A1D
Pantone: 2012 C

CMYK: 0/63/97/8
RGB: 234/87/7
WEB: #EA5707
Pantone: 166 C

CMYK: 0/73/2/43
RGB: 146/39/143
WEB: #92278F
Pantone: 2070 C

CMYK: 0/9/9/87
RGB: 34/31/31
WEB: #221F1F
Pantone: Black C