CallPro CRM

A telemarketing solution with an in-built CRM. Make and manage calls the way you want with our fully customisable software

The Complete CRM
Unlike many other telemarketing solutions, CallPro CRM enables you to have multiple CRM systems – up to 999 individual CRM databases – all included within one subscription. Each database can be configured separately and designed to work effortlessly with particular functions or departments of a business.

Alternatively many of our customers use multiple databases to manage data on behalf of clients, enabling them to send communications on their behalf. Call-backs can be managed manually or automatically. Automatic call-backs are inserted into the calling queue and presented to the caller at the appropriate time ensuring that call-backs happen when they were planned to happen.

Account View
You can gain a 360-degree account view, which will enable you to track every interaction, from calls made to emails sent and even the final steps to closing that deal. View and track your prospect’s social media activity to gain vital insights through information which is automatically gathered, enabling your sales team to simply enter an account and have all the information they need ready waiting in one screen.

Example Account View

Example Reporting Dashboard

Scripts and Guides
With CallPro CRM you can easily create and update scripts on-the-fly, ensuring your agents with always be up to date and prepared. Eradicate the need for printed scripts and objection handling guides. Finding the right sales pitch is the hard part, once you’ve found it you can easily replicate it and make sure that all your sales team are working coherently, you can make sure that all of your agents say the correct statements.

Email Campaigns
Send out follow up emails to all contacts that you contact, all from the click of a button through automated email campaigns. The email editor allows you to create personalized emails to send out so you can follow up a lot more effectively. Examples of using email marketing for telemarketing include following up on a call, scheduling a call back, reminder of an appointment, booking a demonstration and much more.

With the email success tracker, you are able to see if your contact opened up your email and what links they have clicked-through on. CallPro CRM gives you a true idea of how interested a prospect is by allowing you to heavily monitor their actions over a call and email.