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CallPro CRM

Data Management

CRM & Multiple Databases

Unlike many other telemarketing solutions, CallPro CRM enables you to have multiple CRM systems – up to 999 individual CRM databases – all included within one subscription. Each database can be configured separately and designed to work effortlessly with particular functions or departments of a business. Alternatively many of our customer use multiple databases to manage data on behalf of clients, enabling them to send communications on their behalf.

Have up to 999 individual CRM databases
Easily customize each database yourself
Treat each database as separate entities or have them integrate with each other
Have each database assigned to a call agent and editing who can access which database using ‘User Management’
Colour code each account to the client status and edit which fields to view
Have daily tasks set within one database and call reminders

Bulk Data Changes

A range of 18 operations that can be actioned in conjunction with the extension record selection options. This unique functionality enables you to effectively manage thousands of records in just a couple of clicks. If you need to allocate data across a whole team this can be done in one operation, a significant time saver.

Data Import/Update

CallPro CRM can import from a range of delimited text files which includes spreadsheets such as MS Excel and OpenOffice Calc. Data can be in any format and is easily mapped to system fields. Import files can also be used to update and enhance existing records which means your system can be kept up to date and in sync with other database and data sources.

Data Acquisition

Use the api service to drive new data into the system completely unattended. The range of options includes functionality to alert someone and also make the new record the next one to be called – automatically.

Data Management

The calling process can be configured to automatically manage the data so that records are recycled or discarded to ensure data is used to its maximum. By managing the data automatically callers/agents are also made more efficient as they are not wasting time on “bad” data and concentrate on the best data at the best times.

Call-Back Management

Call-backs can be managed manually or automatically. In automatic mode call-backs are inserted into the calling queue and presented to the caller at the appropriate time. This ensures that call-backs are done and that promised call-backs happen when they were planned to happen. This function is separate from alarms which are also available but not recommeded in a calling environment.