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CallPro CRM


All of the functions in one solution

Everything that you’d expect to find in a CRM with all the added extras normally found separate, eliminating the cost for using multiple solutions.

Call Scripts

Have the ability to ask detailed questions and receive precise answers – Call Scripts enable your agents to follow specific paths and direct them to the appropriate questions all dependant on the answers given. You’ll be able to store simple text based information, merge in specific fields or even use dynamic content. Configure them however you need to ensure your future success.

Call guides

These differ from scripts as guides are normally used for conversation subject reminders and simple call scripts. They assist agents in managing conversations on calls, keeping key information quick and easily available but can even be dynamic content, dashboard graphs or even API calls to external applications where needed.

Inbound Screenpop

Remove the hassle of finding an incoming call’s record manually as the solution searches the entire database to present the crucial account information right as you need it.


This is where your agents can set call outcomes – The summarizing result of the contact made, providing the key information for the next time contact is made and triggering events to happen affecting the account directly.


Powerful automation with endless configurations

The automation of the application makes your job simpler, these are just some of the functions it can allow you to do…

> Automatically set call outcomes
> Change record status with just a few clicks
> Instantly set next contact dates
> Specify the value of other fields
> Copy or move the record to another database
> Initialise an entire multi-step email campaign
> Assign up to 2 separate, merged, emails
> Issue Outlook or Google calendar invites
> Trigger scripts to do even more!…