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Cloudcall and FIVE CRM

CloudCall and FIVE CRM

CloudCall and FIVECRM is simply the best combination when it comes to having unified communications and a CRM. If you want to take full advantage of CloudCall’s functionality, FIVECRM is the way to do it. With FIVECRM you get:

  1. Auto-dialing – progressive dialing, including an option to auto pause depending on the record
  2. Auto-hangup – just click the Save button, FIVECRM will move to the next record and dial automatically
  3. Linked call recordings, both within a record and when viewing a call list
  4. Inbound screenpop
  5. Call transfer built-in
  6. Pause call recording mid-call
  7. Local presence
  8. Agent status monitor: listen/whisper/barge


Telemarketing and Telesales

FIVE CRM is second to none when it comes to outbound calling such as telemarketing and telesales. If you are looking for a  stand-alone telesales system you’ve come to the right place!

Call centre software

FIVE CRM: designed for inbound and outbound call centres

FIVECRM was designed as a system to manage call lists, prioritize call-backs and track user activty, of course, all things that are tightly integrated with a phone system , the best of them being CloudCall. If you already have CloudCall then you’re ready to go, just enter your authentication details into FIVECRM. If you don’t have CloudCall and are also looking for a telesales system then this combination is unbeatable. We invite you to contact us directly and you’ll see that FIVE CRM is easy to configure and use, and is also obviously designed to do outbound calling.

Automatic dialing

With outbound calling your agents need to make as many calls as possible, one way to achieve this is to ensure no time is wasted on the dialing process. Why not set the system to automatically dial when they finish a call? That way you can be rest assured that every minute of an agent’s time is usefully employed.

Call scripts

Call scripts are not to everyone’s taste, but for those that do want it, having a screen that enables easy-to-configure multi-question, logic branching scripts is a boon. Track every question and answer, and make the system select the call outcome automatically based on the answers selected. For those that don’t want that kind of script FIVE CRM offers “Call Guides” which are much simpler.

Call wrapup and workflow

Having a “status” field on each record is not enough to track calls, trust us (we’ve been doing this for over 20 years!). So in FIVE CRM agents must select the call outcome which itself is used to drive the workflow. All this is easily configured in the regular “admin” interface and full trainng is provided. The system provides a number of possible actions, but if your company has technical abilities you are also able to write your own code to do anything you need – for example, you may want to send data to another server or system).

Screen design

So you want an easy-to-use screen designer? You’ve got it right here. With drag and drop, easy field selections and total flexibility, FIVE CRM has it all. On top of that, you can set different screen layouts to be presented depending on the agent, the database, or even the project that the record is in.

Multiple databases

No other system offers multiple databases, certainly not in the way FIVE CRM does. This functionality enables you to have as many as 999 separate databases within the one system, and with unlimited amounts of data in each! Each database can be configured separately, have user permissions set to restrict access, and uniquely, can be set to interact with other internal databases. So for example, you might want to keep your prospecting separate from your customer records, or separate divisions/departments/offices distinct from each other.

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