DataPro CRM

Manage all data privacy with GDPR functionality

Lawful Reason Management

Each contact within your database must have a lawful reason for being there, DataPro CRM gives you the ability to choose between the 6 lawful reasons:
> Consent
> Performance of Contract
> Legitimate Interest
> Performance of task for public interest/official authority
> Vital interest of individual
> Compliance with a legal obligation

Displayed within the account view in an easy to follow table, green boxes indicate which channels customers can be contacted by, where as red boxes show the channels they wish not to be contacted by.

Consent Reasoning

As well as a reason for storing a contact within a database users must also have details as to which channel and category individuals would like to be contacted by.

Channels could include; Phone, Email, Post, SMS
Categories could include; Pet Insurance, Customer Service, Marketing

Right to be Deleted

When a Contact or Lead record is deleted the system stores an audit trail version of the main details that cannot be accessed.

A search function is provided to be able to enter a name to see if it exists in the deleted records, i.e. proof of deletion.

Privacy Criteria Search

Ability to search for Contacts or Leads by privacy criteria. This means it is possible to select all records that have a lawful basis for a certain category and channel on a certain date. Also it is possible to select those records that will have an expired consent at a certain date.

Dashboard Control Centre

This enables data controllers to instantly find out which type of channel they can use to contact their customers.

Displayed in easy to view graphs and bar charts, users can see the lawful type usage, channel usage, category usage, as well which contacts have active and inactive privacy details.

Bulk Delete & Update

Having searched for records that do not have a lawful basis, the bulk delete option should then be used as it is not possible to justify storing or processing that data.

For a newly imported data list, or legacy data that does not have any privacy details, it is possible to update unlimited records at the same time with the same details.