DigitalPro CRM

Bridge the gap between your sales and marketing departments with DigitalPro CRM

Data Management
From email marketing to website tracking, DigitalPro CRM offers you the ultimate customisation experience.
You will see all your account details in a 360-degree view, enabling to track every interaction, from calls made and emails sent, to website visits and social media activity. You can have 100+ additional fields ensuring every element of communication and data is stored effectively.

Marketing Tools
Track the results of your marketing activities with our insightful campaigns results hub, so you can understand what is working best for you.
Within the email campaign dashboard, you can setup target campaigns to your contacts, allowing you to send relevant and informative content to all the appropriate contacts all from within DigitalPro CRM.

Example Account View

Example Report Dashboard

Campaign Automation
Unlike our other solutions, DigitalPro CRM allows you to build in-depth profiles of your prospects so that you have all the information you need right in front of you.
Automate actions and boost call agent productivity. DigitalPro CRM allows your agents to call contacts from within the CRM solution, automatically storing call details.

Website Insights
Build comprehensive visitor profiles that save directly into your CRM enabling your sales teams to access the information instantly and initiate communication quickly.
Keep focus on what matters most, whether that’s customer satisfaction or sales performance. You can create KPIs which are relevant to your business and then have reports automatically generated and dispatched.