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DigitalPro CRM

Marketing Tools

Marketing Automation

Nurture your customers and prospects by using information that is relevant and based on interactions. Easily create multi-step campaigns that can be triggered automatically when certain rules or terms are met, reducing manual effort and automating your marketing processes.

Track the results of your marketing activities with our insightful campaigns results hub, so you can understand what is working best for you. By using the powerful segmentation tool within DigitalPro CRM you are able to pin point exactly who to send out your campaigns to and when. DigitalPro CRM takes all the information you have about a contact into account and allows you to send out the most relevant campaigns to them, which means you are able to keep your messages personalized throughout the whole sales process.

Marketing automation is more than just sending out emails, it contributes at every stage of the customer lifecycle and helps nurture leads, then handing them off to your sales team after being well informed about your product/service. DigitalPro CRM helps you to keep in touch with your customers over a long period of time using a range of marketing automation features.

Powerful campaign builder with advanced segmentation tools
Keep up to date with all of your contacts
Multiple different marketing automation features
Insightful marketing campaign analytics
Easily segment your data to target the right customers and contacts
Seamlessly build emails without any coding skills

Email Marketing

Create beautiful eye catching emails within the feature-rich drag and drop email editor, all without any coding skills. The email editor makes creating your email layout simpler and allows you to build your content, preview it live and send test campaigns out.

Within the email campaign dashboard, you can setup target campaigns to your contacts, allowing you to send relevant and informative content to all of the appropriate contacts all from within DigitalPro CRM.

The email campaign analytics dashboard allows you to have a clear view of all of your marketing efforts. Within the dashboard all of your email marketing campaigns can be measured, allowing you to see what is driving conversions from your emails. Track your email open rate, emails hits, which links we’re clicked on, the amount of unsubscribes, number delivered and the bounce rate of your emails.

Quickly understand the success of your email campaign
Track and compare email campaigns
Monitor email success rates in real-time
Email campaign dashboard
In-built email editor
WYSIWYG email previewer