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EmailPro CRM

Data Management

CRM Integration

A structured sales and marketing process is essential. Our email marketing is integrated with our CRM functionality, which helps in eliminating organizational silos, allowing for a better sales and marketing workflow.

Within the CRM you are able to view all of the interactions made with a contact and how they interacted with, whether that’s through email, SMS, call. All account details are automatically updated.

You are able to customize the full-screen layout so that you see all of the relevant information all in one place. With up to 100 different user defined fields you can add as much information as you like about a contact. From that data you can easily filter it down to make sure that you send emails out to the right audience depending on the criteria you want to send it to.

Our unified solution enables sales and marketing teams to collaborate effectively and target prospects and customers effortlessly. The benefits to you:

A single area to work from – a single solution allows teams to collaborate and save time.
Improved visibility – there’s no need to transfer vital decision making data as teams can access the same information.
Track ROI – determine the true ROI of a campaign. Track not only conversions of leads into sales, but also the return on your investment.

Insightful Email Campaign Analytics

You’ve created a beautiful email campaign, segmented your data and sent it. Now what?

With EmailPro CRM you can track the success of your campaigns in real-time. Instantly see who’s opened your emails, who’s clicked on what and how many contacts have unsubscribed, if any.

You can easily export the data or compare with previous email campaigns to gain an in-depth understanding of what was successful and what could be enhanced for upcoming email campaigns. Use EmailPro CRM to help you gauge a better understanding of the ROI of your email marketing campaigns.

Quickly understand the success of your email campaign

Track and compare email campaigns
Monitor email success rates in real-time
Keep on top of the bounce rate of your emails
View the amount of unsubscribes
See the amount of email hits