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FIVE CRM and TCN Integration

TCN integration

TCN call center software

Your Call Center Solution in the Cloud

TCN innovates to provide award-winning solutions and customer service to contact centers, collection agencies, Fortune 500 companies – you name it – through cutting-edge technology. They provide multi-channel and customizable inbound, outbound and IVR solutions. No matter your company’s size, location, or application, TCN can scale and flex to meet your business needs.

Why TCN and FIVE CRM together?

TCN and FIVE CRM complement each other perfectly. When it comes to a full blown call center, TCN brings to the table things such as their predictive dialer and comprehensive inbound solutions, while FIVE CRM brings a wide ranging and hugely flexible agent interface and data management.


Telesales operations are different in every company, the principle may be the same but the detail is always different. With its unique flexibility FIVE CRM is able to handle a diverse range of requirements to ensure optimal results, working alongside TCN which will ensure the highest in call center efficiency from the telephony side.

Whether it’s reworking old data or reaching out using new data, the TCN dialer will maximize a high hit rate. At the same time FIVE CRM can enable agents to work at an impressive level with all necessary information instantly available and using call scripts and/or sales orders as the task requires.


  • Inbound Solutions – In less than a second callers are connected to interactive options to help automate self-service solutions. Skills based call routing and custom logic empowering your agents to strive toward easily monitored metrics through the platform’s intuitive agent interface.
  • Outbound Solutions – Automated time-of-day dialing, predictive and manual dialing, call recording, rotating messages and voice broadcasting, all with the security of baked-in compliance tools.
  • Blended Solutions – TCN eliminates the need to designate specific inbound or outbound agents for a particular campaign – TCN’s blended solution has been proven to increase client contact rates by at least 20-50%.
  • Mobile SMS – TCN’s AgentSMS will power your contact center’s mobile channel, your agents can quickly respond to customers needs, confirm appointments, and even alert individuals of emergencies.
  • Enterprise – TCN’s cloud-based call center solution is scalable to any number of agents or industries and offers full integration with any application a company is using.
  • All features, like metrics, monitoring, reporting and dashboards are deployed across all solutions.

“TCN was the very best predictive dialer and blast dialer choice for ERI because of the feature to value ratio. The have exactly what we need at a reasonable price. The true differentiator – TCN’s staf is beyond responsive and helpful, even anticipating our needs as our business has changed and grown. Whether it is presenting enhanced TCN capabilities or supporting us on new regulatory requirements for messages – they take our business very personally.”  Katherine Bryan, ERI.