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FIVECRM vs Dynamics

Comparison of FIVECRM and Dynamics CRM

When deciding on a system to use the first thing to consider is what you need a system for.
Check the table below of key business functions and see how FIVE and Dynamics CRM handle them.
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What was it designed for?High volume outbound calling and associated tasks, including email marketingGeneral customer management, wide range of other functionality needing configuration and add-ons
Expected number of calls per agent per day
Increased calls = increased success rate


Telephone integration (CTI)
Dial directly from the CRM

Preview dialing, auto-dialing and hangup. Out-of-the-box integration with a wide variety of phone systems, including TAPI and the low cost FIVECRM VoIP

Need third party apps(additional cost) for CTI. No auto-dialing out of the box.
Call lists
Used in call centers to define which records each agent will call

Out-of-the-box. Can be predefined in the User Profile for each agent.

Not available in this product
Call next record
Ease of moving to the next record to call

Out-of-the-box. Single click to save the current record and dial the next one.

Manually find the next record to call.
Call-back management
Action call-backs at the right time

Call-backs presented automatically at the right time. The user can filter manually.

The user must filter manually.
Call logging and result workflow
Procedural automation

Wrap-up section used to select call outcome, set call-back, type notes and initiate workflow. Easy workflow configuration for call and data management. Automatically shows next record to call.

Log activity, set task. No automatic workflow. Return to list, manually select next record to call (enables cherry picking)
Call scripts and Call Guides
Assisting agents

Extensive call scripts and also call guides.

Agent scripts available. No call guides.
Appointment booking
Ability to manage an appointment calendar

Out of the box.

Not possible
Email campaigns
Email marketing capability

Advanced multi-step campaigns, one-off/ scheduled/ dynamic/ triggered with link tracking and unsubscribe management.

Basic mass email. No tracking or unsubscribe management.
Number of databases
eg for outsource companies, company departments, data management

Out-of-the-box capability to create up to 999 databases.

One live database
Data management
Manipulate data in bulk

Extensive bulk data management functions, including assign, update, copy, move, import/insert/update, export, deduplicate, delete

Basic functionality, import, export, deduplicate
Induce competitiveness in the sales team


Additional cost


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