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Introducing Gamification

Gamification is the application of game mechanics designed to promote employee engagement. We’ve created a practical achievement framework to aid motivation using simple game design. Our gamification module is made up of 4 main functions, custom achievements, meta achievements, the achievement dashboard and the individual achievement profiles.

Your system, your achievements

Our solutions are fully customisable, so why wouldn’t our achievements be? Define the objectives and challenge your teams by regulating the difficulty for each achievement. Create as many achievements as you want, have them grouped by category or even containing multiple criteria.

Dynamic achievement dashboard

Instantly view user’s participation and performance with stats updated in real time. Check the top ten users along with tracking any recently completed achievements at a quick glance. Showcase everyone’s efforts on the powerful achievements dashboard that was built responsive for any size display.


Structured meta achievements

Achievements within achievements. Meta achievements give you the ability to group together several objectives and reward for full completion. Have a sales target of 200 callbacks, 10 demos and 5 license sales, let meta achievements track these and have users strive to be the first to complete.

Track individual progression

Keep track of your own achievements and view all the points up for grabs. Monitor your progression against the rest of your team as well as how close you are to completing other achievements. The user achievement profile allows you to view all possible achievements, even ones you’ve already completed.


Multiple Databases

Have up to 999 database areas. Each database can be configured independently to suit particular functions or departments of a business.

Outbound Calling

Improve agent productivity and accelerate your sales by taking advantage of in-built calling functionality from directly within the application.

Email Marketing

Make a lasting impression. Create beautiful email campaigns without any coding skills and preview your emails before they reach the inbox.

Relationship Management

See your entire pipeline, manage leads and close deals all in real-time. Transform leads into customers and customers into raving fans.

Website Tracking

Identify your website visitors and target them before they have a chance to leave. Transform website visitors into sales-ready leads.

Full Analytics

Capture insightful analytics and understand what drives business. Automate comprehensive reports and have a clear view of your sales funnel.