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How Sales Can Use Inbound Marketing Tactics

How Sales Can Use Inbound Marketing Tactics
how sales can use inbound marketing tactics

How Sales Can Use Inbound Marketing Tactics

The sales and marketing teams in every company work together to create profits and increase sales, by finding leads and turning them into customers for the company. Usually, the marketing teams find and nurture leads, which are then sent to the sales departments to close the deal.

But sales teams shouldn’t have to wait around for the marketing team to send prospects their way! Here are some easy and helpful ways that your sales team can use marketing tactics to help make more sales.


Lead nurturing campaigns

 Your marketing teams will undoubtfully of done enough research into lead nurturing strategies, so it could prove to beneficial to leverage their knowledge and build your own. Find out about existing lead nurturing campaigns, ideal timing for campaigns and keep on top of any CTAs by following up with users who interact with campaigns.

When creating your own campaigns, make sure to have the aim of educating your prospects with beneficial pieces of information, which has been curated by the marketing team with the buyer’s persona kept in mind. A standard outreach sequence that sends content which answers your prospects most important questions is a great way of letting them know about the benefits of your products and services.


Refine email signatures

 Sending emails with quality content and key information is a great method of hooking your prospects attention and educate them about your product/service. But, there is a simple way for you to ‘sell your services’ without throwing them in the prospects’ face.

Your email signature is a great little space to advertise something new and exciting that is coming up for your company. Have an event, free webinar or eBook closely approaching? Why not write a short line within a picture and link it in the email signature for the prospects to see without you being too pushy.


Success stories

 Everyone is risk averse, and no one will be willing to bet on your products or services unless you have something to show for it. Before customers fully commit, they will want to see certain testimonials or success stories where your company has helped others, as an assurance to know what they are getting into.

If you already have a great customer advocacy program in place or various customer stories and testimonials, then this should be simple to do. If not, it is at least a good idea to know how and where you have helped your customers.


Add value to your targets

 Your target audience or prospects are already being nurtured with various pieces of content that is relevant to them, so how do you stand out from the crowd and get them to notice you? With multiple emails containing promotional offers sent from others, why not send emails that contain information to your prospect’s inbox that is beneficial to them such as free how to guides and hints & tips.

Establish yourself as an industry expert and rise above the rest by creating content that is relevant, fresh and informative. Start by using your company’s blog and mixing and matching some great pieces you think your readers will like, and build up a platform of readers from there.

One other thing, make your own emailing list to create a well-established network to help make your own personal brand in the industry as well.


Get mobile

 It is important in this day and age to be mobile and flexible with your availability. If you and your work are stuck to a computer back at work, how are you going to handily have your important information on you when you go out of the office?

Having all your basic and important data on smartphones, tablets and laptops is necessary so that you can instantly receive and provide any information you need to your customers, without having to excuse yourself and saying, “I will reach the office and get back to you.”

Being mobile is important to be on top of current events, situations and enables users to conduct research while travelling.


Create an online presence

 You need to stay in touch with your customers through various mediums and provide them for a way to know you and build trust. It’s great if your company is all over social media and uses various social platforms to stay in the limelight, but are you getting the same kind of exposure?

Sure, the prospect can see what your company has been up to, but they really want to know the ‘person’ they are dealing with better. So, its always a good idea to join some of the more relevant social media websites and create an online presence that your customers can easily relate to. Using a social media channel such as LinkedIn is a great way to connect with your contacts and keep up to date with their interests, it also allows them to see more of your personality and not just a sales person on the other end of a phone or email.

But don’t just open up an account and leave it half created with no profile picture and bio. Keep it well maintained and complete as much information about yourself, your pictures and interests.


It is always a good idea for sales teams to get in on the action and find their own way to create more sales. Using inbound marketing tactics is a great step towards this and will help you with increasing sales and profits!

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