ManagePro CRM

Transform leads into loyal customers effortlessly with ManagePro CRM

Data Management
Unlike other solutions ManagePro CRM enables you to have 999 individual CRM databases. Each one can contain separate configuration and designs.
ManagePro CRM puts the user first, you can build the CRM around your needs and requirements, from the design to how data is stored.

Marketing Tools
Generate leads and sales on the web, in emails, SMS or via social media by creating outstanding landing pages.
With ManagePro CRM you will have the tools to capture as many sales-ready leads as possible, with help of webforms.

Example User Stats

Example Account View

Performance Tracking
Gain understanding of how your team are performing, and other key metrics, with the ability to monitor real-time performance KPIs.
ManagePro CRM features lead scoring, which allows you to add a score to accounts based upon responses, customer statuses and additional fields.

Website Insights
Our software can analyse website performance. You can identify anonymous website visitors and target them before they have a chance to visit your competitors’ websites.
ManagePro CRM can automate your marketing actions. Want a multi-step campaign sent out dependent on the action of your leads? This software can do that for you.