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Core Features

Multiple databases

Have up to 999 database areas. Each database can be configured independently to suit particular functions or departments of a business.


Landing pages

Create outstanding mobile optimized landing pages with ease with our in-line WYSIWYG editor built directly into the system.


Web forms

Design and create web forms to capture insightful information. Easily embed web forms on emails, landing pages and website pages.

Outbound calling

Improve agent productivity and accelerate your sales by taking advantage of in-built calling functionality from directly within the application.


Email marketing

Make a lasting impression. Create beautiful email campaigns without any coding skills and preview your emails before they reach the inbox.


Prospect profiling

Build in-depth profiles of your prospects and customers so that you have all of the information when you need it, right in front of you.

Website tracking

Identify your website visitors and target them before they have a chance to leave. Transform website visitors into sales-ready leads.


Relationship management

See your entire pipeline, manage leads and close deals all in real-time. Transform leads into customers and customers into raving fans.


Full analytics

Capture insightful analytics and understand what drives business. Automate comprehensive reports and have a clear view of your sales funnel.


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    • "We have used FIVE CRM for quite some time now and the system has grown into a very effective CRM tool. It's easy to use and great to show our clients how we can bespoke the application to their exact needs. In particular the reporting system is fabulous and I believe actually gains us clients as well as helps us grow with our existing ones."
      Antonia Lennon, Sales Director | Lingo Telemarketing