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If you need a CRM software that is highly flexible and highly functional, look no further. FIVE CRM was built from the ground up to be as configurable as possible, it got to the point that we were able to split it into five separate products to allow clients to choose the most appropriate system (and functionality) for them.
Click to go to DigitalPro CRM websiteThe full system
Click to go to CallPro CRM websiteThe perfect calling system
Click to go to ManagePro CRM websiteFlexible and complete CRM system
Click to go to AutomationPro CRM websiteMarketing automation combined with CRM
Click to go to EmailPro CRM websiteEmail marketing combined with CRM

With constant development FIVE CRM is at the forefront of modern requirements and now contains specific functionality to handle the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules from the EU.

GDPR Information

Learn everything you need to know about the General Data Protection Regulation.


Discover how GDPR compliant your organisation is by taking our short quiz.

GDPR Queries

We will be on hand to help with any General Data Protection Regulation queries.



Multiple databases

Have up to 999 database areas. Each database can be configured independently to suit particular functions or departments of a business.


Landing pages

Create outstanding mobile optimized landing pages with ease with our in-line WYSIWYG editor built directly into the system.


Web forms

Design and create web forms to capture insightful information. Easily embed web forms on emails, landing pages and website pages.

Outbound calling

Improve agent productivity and accelerate your sales by taking advantage of in-built calling functionality from directly within the application.


Email marketing

Make a lasting impression. Create beautiful email campaigns without any coding skills and preview your emails before they reach the inbox.


Prospect profiling

Build in-depth profiles of your prospects and customers so that you have all of the information when you need it, right in front of you.

Website tracking

Identify your website visitors and target them before they have a chance to leave. Transform website visitors into sales-ready leads.


Relationship management

See your entire pipeline, manage leads and close deals all in real-time. Transform leads into customers and customers into raving fans.


Full analytics

Capture insightful analytics and understand what drives business. Automate comprehensive reports and have a clear view of your sales funnel.

Emails Delivered

Contacts Managed

Leads Captured

Reports Generated


Gather More Sales-Ready Leads
Never miss a business opportunity again with automated marketing intelligence. Capture leads more effectively than ever before.
Accelerate Sales And Boost Productivity
Enhance how your teams work and realise quick business wins. Automate various tasks simply and eliminate wasted time.
Manage The Customer Lifecycle
Understand your audience and specify where they’re at within the full cycle. From cold lead to long term customer without input.

What others are saying

  • "[We] have been using FIVE CRM for around six months. We find it easy to use and it works well. The added extras like lead scoring and email marketing are great. The support is fantastic! They are friendly, knowledgeable, polite, very patient and quick to reply and fix. I have no hesitation in recommending FIVE CRM to anyone."
    Petra Smit, Managing Director | All Telemarketing
  • "We have been using FIVE CRM for quite some time and watched it develop. It is a very easy to use system which means it does not take much time to train new people on it. It is great how it can be bespoke to your clients’ needs and the staff are excellent helping out if you need their assistance. Much easier to use than Salesforce of Goldmine. Would through recommend using it and it is cost efficient too!"
    Antonia Lennon, Sales Director | Lingo Telemarketing
  • "We have been looking for an effective email marketing solution for a couple of years until we finally found FIVE CRM. We have used other software before but we have always needed a built in CRM. Before it was a nightmare getting two different pieces of software to communicate to each other, finally we can forget about these problems."
    Alex Green, Managing Director | More Play
  • "I looked at and trialled over a dozen CRMs over a period of months. I knew I would know what I needed when I saw it. When I saw FIVE CRM, I knew I had found what I wanted. Adaptable to every clients’ needs, adaptable to my own usage. I like my stats and reporting, I like to know what is happening with my campaigns and exactly where we are up to."
    Helen O'Neill Nash, Managing Director | Real Business Development Ltd
  • "I've been using FIVE CRM now for just over 6 months and it's completely transformed our company. It really is the perfect software for growing businesses. It's crammed with features - the crm, website tracking results feeding directly back into it, calling functionality for our telesales team... the list goes on."
    Wayne Smithers, CTO | Ascendance
  • "FIVE CRM allocated a chap to me that I can only describe as a software genius. He wrote a tailored program to port over every single piece of information over from the Excel format. It’s worth pointing out, that FIVE CRM is ‘very’ customisable, so I took full advantage of the system and got to work tailoring it to my own needs."
    Joe Schwok, Managing Director | IFA