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‘FiveCRM is the only CRM designed for telemarketing call centers, providing users with unique opportunities to send sales into the stratosphere. Our telemarketing and telesales platform doubles up as an analytical tool, helping sales reps move leads through their funnels with real time business intelligence’

Jaine Husbands

Jaine Husbands

Operations Director

Team Telemarketing

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Double Your Call Quota

  • Designed for telemarketing call centers and targeting high-value prospects, FiveCRM can double your call rate compared to regular CRMs. Utilizing click to dial functionality and automated wrap-ups from within one location, dial lag becomes a thing of the past.
  • Automated call back management enables appointment setting and lead prioritization, meaning more time is spent on closing deals rather than managing them. Additionally, increase the success of outbound calls with 'warm-up' email marketing, introducing your company to new leads prior to calling.
double your call quota
out-of-the-box analytics

Out-of-the-Box Analytics

  • FiveCRM generates custom metrics and KPIs for telemarketing call centers and telesales, providing a 360-degree view of your business and customers. Discover insights such as top-selling agents, your most valuable customers, and the bottlenecks that prevent you from growing your outbound call center services business operations.
  • With all-inclusive analytical tools, there is no need to move data to a data warehouse or third-party platform. Create, track and analyze the metrics that matter to your business from one platform.

Improved Workflows and Efficiency

  • Telemarketing and telesales involve more than just communicating with prospects over the phone. FiveCRM enabled streamlined workflows associated with outbound calling. This includes updating contact information, wrapping up calls and sending follow-up emails and switching to a new lead - all from a single dashboard.
  • Appointment setting and management often eats into agents' time and prevents them from generating leads. At FiveCRM this process is streamlined through automatic or manual appointment scheduling, follow-up alerts and calendar management tools - allowing your agents to focus on their primary telemarketing and telesales tasks.
improved workflows and efficiency

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Jaine Husbands

Operations Director

Team Telemarketing

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San Diego, CA




Pursuit Marketing

“Staff are always available, friendly and helpful. And the solution meets all my business needs.”

Host Europe Group

“I’m really impressed with how flexible and customisable the CRM is within one simple application.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

FiveCRM's outbound call software is a cloud-based telephony solution that helps sales teams make and receive calls from anywhere in the world. The software includes features like call recording, call routing, call forwarding, and caller ID. It also offers real-time insights into sales performance so that users can optimize their strategies on the go.

FiveCRM's outbound call software helps to increase sales by providing users with real-time insights into customer behavior, so they can adjust their strategies in response. It also allows sales teams to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world, improving outreach and conversion rates. In addition, the platform offers features like call forwarding, call routing, and caller ID, allowing users to easily manage connections with customers. With access to these powerful tools, users can streamline their sales process, maximize opportunities for success and achieve higher conversion rates.

FiveCRM handles outbound calls by providing users with powerful tools to optimize the call process. These tools include:

  • - Call recording for review and playback
  • - Call routing that connects calls to the right team members quickly
  • - Call forwarding for easy management of customer connections
  • - Caller ID to ensure secure communications

These features help sales teams better understand customer preferences and behaviors, streamline their outreach efforts and maximize opportunities for success.

FiveCRM's outbound call software can help improve customer service teams by providing them with the tools they need to quickly and efficiently respond to customer inquiries. The platform allows customer service teams to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world, so they can respond more quickly to urgent customer needs. It also offers features like call routing, forwarding, and caller ID, which help ensure that customers are connected with the right team members quickly and securely. With access to these powerful tools, customer service teams can provide better and faster responses, improving overall customer satisfaction.

FiveCRM is the best outbound call software because it provides users with powerful features that make it easy to stay connected with customers and optimize the call process.

FiveCRM's outbound call center software integrates seamlessly with existing systems and platforms, making it easy to create a unified customer experience across multiple channels. It can integrate with popular services like CRMs and VoIP systems, allowing for full integration of features like call routing, automated message delivery, and caller ID verification. Additionally, the software is designed to easily scale up or down depending on the size of your team or business, so you can rest assured that it will meet your growing needs as your business grows.

Yes, FiveCRM's outbound call software is highly customizable and allows users to tailor the system to their business needs. You can customize routing rules and settings, create custom forms for customer data collection, as well as set up automated messages or scripts that help streamline your calling process. The software also includes integration with third-party applications and widgets, so you can easily import existing customer data into the system and make sure you're providing a personalized experience for each of your customers.

More questions? Additional resources can be found on our: Support Portal, LinkedIn Profile, and Youtube Channel.