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‘With FiveCRM you can engage and wrap-up leads and prospects from one centralized location. With completely customizable workflows and dashboards, appointment setting and follow-ups can be automated to maximum efficiency and power your agents to double their call quotas and generate more leads.’

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Boost Efficiency

  • Lead generation CRM boosts productivity, performance, and profitability with its functionality, automation, and customizable interface. Enable your agents to decrease dial lag and focus on their jobs without wasting time switching between customers.
  • FiveCRM removes all the pain points associated with generating B2B leads, allowing your team to become more successful in its lead generation activities. It's that simple.
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Eliminate Tedious Tasks

Your teams should focus on B2B lead generation, not waste time on boring tasks. FiveCRM streamlines lead gen by automatically wrapping up calls and dialing the next person on an agent's contact list. The result? More time spent on potential customers and greater sales opportunities.

Now you can get CRM lead generation and management tools at your fingertips! FiveCRM offers automated appointment setting and call-back management, saving agents even more time. Eliminate the risk of rot in your sales pipelines by streamlining these processes and ensure a contact mix that gets results. 

FiveCRM's enhanced lead generation reports give you performance and KPI metrics on the individual, team, and stakeholder levels. Generate the business intelligence you need without ever leaving your CRM.

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Our lead generation CRM

  • Lead generation CRM quickly customizes workflows, allowing agents to automate emails, follow-ups, and reminders based on customer engagement. While other generic and out of the box CRMs target multiple businesses and industries, FiveCRM specifically serves your lead generation experts wanting to optimize campaign management.
  • Guarantee success with customizable CRM data fields that display the information agents require for outbound calls. Everything your agents need is available on-screen, making outbound B2B communications more effective on every single phone call.
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Agent Analytics

  • Enhance your decision making with real-time insights into almost every aspect of your lead generating operations. Our customer and business metrics generate intelligence that aids agents at all levels make smarter decisions and engage with customers.
  • Agents can personalize every single B2B call by accessing customer notes, previous contacts, purchasing histories, social media insights, and more from one location. Unlike some other CRMs, FiveCRM automates analytics upon dialing.

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“Staff are always available, friendly and helpful. And the solution meets all my business needs.”

Host Europe Group

“I’m really impressed with how flexible and customisable the CRM is within one simple application.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

FiveCRM's B2B lead generation solution leverages a comprehensive suite of tools and services to identify, qualify, and engage prospects with the goal of driving more sales. It starts with a detailed understanding of your target market and customer profiles. From there, FiveCRM applies its deep intelligence to design customized campaigns that tap into the specific needs and opportunities of each segment. Once contact data has been gathered and qualified leads generated, FiveCRM works to nurture relationships through personalized messaging, interactions, and activities tailored for optimum engagement. Finally, FiveCRM monitors progress so that you can optimize your performance in generating leads for conversions.

Yes, FiveCRM's B2B lead generation solution can be customized to fit the specific needs and objectives of your business. The comprehensive suite of tools and services offered by FiveCRM provides the flexibility to create campaigns that are tailored for optimum engagement and maximum returns. With its deep intelligence, FiveCRM can design custom strategies that are tailored to each customer segment or profile, making it easy to generate leads that are most likely to convert. And regular monitoring ensures that performance is optimized over time.

FiveCRM's B2B lead generation solution can help you identify and prioritize leads using its deep intelligence. By gathering and analyzing customer data, FiveCRM can generate customer segments or profiles that best match your target market. With this information, FiveCRM can create custom strategies to engage each segment in a meaningful way. For each segment, FiveCRM applies algorithms to rank prospects based on their likelihood of conversion and determine the best order of engagement for optimum results. As part of its comprehensive suite of tools and services, FiveCRM also helps with setting realistic goals and objectives so that performance is optimized over time.

No, FiveCRM can be used by businesses of all types and sizes. However, its features are designed with the needs of B2B organizations in mind. For example, the tool provides the ability to segment customers based on their likelihood to convert, which is essential for B2B marketers. In addition, the comprehensive suite of tools and services offered by FiveCRM helps businesses design custom strategies for each customer segment, making it easy to generate leads that are most likely to convert.

FiveCRM boosts efficiency for B2B lead generation by providing a comprehensive suite of tools and services that help with:

  • - Automating tedious manual processes like data gathering and segmentation.
  • - Optimizing the process of identifying and prioritizing leads.
  • - Generate custom strategies to engage each customer segment in a meaningful way.
  • - Setting realistic goals and objectives so that performance is optimized over time.

FiveCRM's software can easily integrate with existing B2B sales processes, making it simple to streamline operations and track progress. The platform offers a suite of features that allow users to sync their sales activities with other apps, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems or email marketing software. It also provides insights into customer behavior so that user can better understand their target audiences and tailor strategies accordingly. Moreover, the built-in analytics dashboard allows sales teams to view detailed data about customer journeys, measure performance, and make strategic adjustments for future campaigns.

More questions? Additional resources can be found on our: Support Portal, LinkedIn Profile, and Youtube Channel.