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‘Do you find it challenging to engage with constituents through your existing technology 'solutions?' FiveCRM lets you personalize every interaction with donors and alumni, powering your fundraising, email and telephony campaigns. Your outreach efforts are rewarded with incredible functionality, features, and automation through FiveCRM’s completely customizable and centralized platform.’

Jaine Husbands

Jaine Husbands

Operations Director

Team Telemarketing

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higher education CRM

Reach More Donors

  • Reach thousands of constituents and alumni on your contact lists generating more fundraising opportunities. With FiveCRM it is easy to engage these prospective donors by automatically scheduling and notifying call agents based on the cadences you set. Wrap-up calls, add notes and call your next contact all with the click of a button.
  • Coordinate and optimize multiple fundraising initiatives by choosing to operate from one centralized platform or across multiple databases. With complete customization, our education CRM solution matches the needs of your campaigns and business processes.
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higher education CRM
higher education CRM

Add a Personalized Touch to Each Dial

  • Stop wasting time preparing information for each call prior to dialing. With customized contact dashboards you choose what to display during each outreach. Choose from previous conversations, comments, notes and donation histories to make every contact unique or templated depending on your campaign needs.
  • Continually grow your contact intelligence and personalized interactions through social media scraping tools powering your outbound teams to grow and develop longer-lasting relationships with existing and new contacts.
higher education CRM

In-Built Analytics and Gamification

  • With all-inclusive analytics and reporting tools, FiveCRM allows you to create custom reports about your own business metrics and those of your donors and contacts. Create tables, graphs and reports relating to donations and frequencies to power your future and current campaign decisions.
  • Utilize gamification features to create friendly competition between employees, contacts and even donors. Incentivised tasks and goals just became fun with rewards and gratification through live-tracked gamification dashboards.
in-built analytics and gamification
complete customization control
higher education CRM

Complete Customization Control

  • With no one-size-fits-all CRM software for high education, FiveCRM's customization allows outbound teams to work with - rather than against, their CRM.
  • With customized fields, panels, tabs and queries - personalized dashboards create the perfect solution for your fundraising and engagement objectives.

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Jaine Husbands

Jaine Husbands

Operations Director

Team Telemarketing

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San Diego, CA




Pursuit Marketing

“Staff are always available, friendly and helpful. And the solution meets all my business needs.”

Host Europe Group

“I’m really impressed with how flexible and customisable the CRM is within one simple application.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

FiveCRM can help higher education institutions manage their prospective and current student relationships in several ways. First, its automated data exchange feature allows schools to import, export and store relevant information such as student transcripts, high school records, and more. Second, its customizable forms make it easy to capture and store important data quickly. Third, the platform's powerful reporting tools allow schools to track enrollment trends and evaluate performance. Finally, its intuitive user interface makes it easy for staff members to keep up with news about their students and track important events such as exams or graduation deadlines.

FiveCRM can help higher education institutions improve their recruitment and donor efforts in several ways. First, it allows schools to store key data and create custom forms that can aid the recruitment process. Second, its automated data exchange feature makes it easy to share information with alumni or external partners quickly and efficiently. Third, its comprehensive reporting capabilities help schools measure success rates of recruitment campaigns or donor outreach efforts. Fourth, the platform's intuitive interface makes it easy for staff members to manage communications with prospective students or donors. Finally, its advanced search tools allow schools to quickly find individuals who fit their criteria for a given program or donation opportunity.

Yes, FiveCRM can be integrated with other systems and platforms used by higher education institutions. It comes with built-in support for a number of popular APIs, allowing schools to connect their existing software solutions and take advantage of the data exchange feature. Additionally, its open source framework allows for custom integrations if needed. This makes it easy to link FiveCRM with student information systems or HR platforms, giving schools greater control over their data management processes.

FiveCRM's software is designed to be compliant with the regulations specific to the higher education industry. The platform comes with data access and security features that help schools protect student and alumni data. It also includes automated processes to ensure data privacy policies are followed, helping schools maintain regulatory compliance. Additionally, its reporting capabilities allow administrators to track usage data and perform audits, providing assurance that all activities are in accordance with the applicable regulations.

FiveCRM's software provides higher education institutions with a range of features, including:

  • - Data access and security features to protect student and alumni data
  • - Automated processes to ensure data privacy policies are followed
  • - Reporting capabilities that allow administrators to track usage data and perform audits
  • - Support for popular APIs, allowing schools to connect existing software solutions
  • - An open source framework for custom integrations if needed

Yes, FiveCRM's software can be customized to meet the needs of your specific higher education students and donors. Its open source framework allows you to create custom integrations that fit your system's requirements. The platform also supports popular APIs so you can easily connect existing software solutions. Additionally, its reporting capabilities make it easy to track usage data and ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

The implementation of FiveCRM for higher education institutions typically involves the following steps:

  1. Identify requirements and map out the areas where FiveCRM can be integrated into existing systems.
  2. Design a custom solution or use existing APIs to connect to other software solutions.
  3. Enable data access and security features to protect student and alumni data.
  4. Install the necessary updates and configure settings for reporting, automation, and custom integrations if needed.
  5. Test the new setup and make sure it meets the school's needs before going live.

More questions? Additional resources can be found on our: Support Portal, LinkedIn Profile, and Youtube Channel.