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The 10 Sales Tools Your Team Should Be Using Right Now

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Using the right sales tools can be a game-changer in a fast-paced and highly competitive field. If you're looking for ways to streamline your sales processes, boost productivity, and close deals faster, this guide is for you. We've curated a list of the ten most essential sales tools your team should use to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are the key things to know about sales tools:

  • Sales tools are software platforms or apps that assist teams in managing, streamlining, and optimizing their sales processes.
  • Sales and business development teams use sales tools to automate routine tasks, keep track of customer interactions, and gain insights into sales performance.
  • These tools are designed to assist with various aspects of sales, such as lead generation, pipeline management, sales forecasting, data analysis, and more.
  • When choosing the right sales tools for your team, consider each platform's price, features, and customer support options.
  • Sales tools range from customer relationship management (CRM) and analytics systems to communication tools and prospecting platforms.

Table of Contents:

Here are the top sales tools you should consider:

  1. FiveCRM
  2. Terminus
  3. Salesforce
  4. Catalyst
  5. Insightly
  6. HubSpot
  7. Copper
  8. Pipedrive
  9. Zoominfo
  10. DocuSign

Sales Tools Comparison Chart


Key Features



4.4/5.0 (G2)

  • Complete customization
  • Email marketing
  • Intelligent automation
  • Agent analytics and reporting
  • Native app builder
  • Starts at $70 per seat monthly or $63 per seat if billed annually


4.4/5.0 (G2)

  • Actionable insights
  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • Not published

Salesforce Sales Cloud

4.3/5.0 (G2)

  • Sales engagement
  • Sales AI
  • Sales performance management
  • Starts at $25 per user/month (if billed annually)


4.6/5.0 (G2)

  • Signals
  • Email marketing
  • Health Insights
  • Not published


4.2/5.0 (G2)

  • Sales pipeline and lead management
  • Sales lead tracking
  • Opportunity management
  • Starts at $29 per user/month

HubSpot Sales Hub

4.4/5.0 (G2)

  • Lead management and prospecting
  • Sales automation
  • HubSpot AI
  • $20 per month for the Starter package


4.5/5.0 (G2)

  • Centralized hub
  • Mobile app
  • Email and marketing tools
  • Starts at $23 per user/month


4.2/5.0 (G2

  • Customizable pipeline
  • Contact history
  • Starts at $14.90 per user/month


4.3/5.0 (G2)

  • Contact and company data
  • Conversation intelligence
  • Not published


4.5/5.0 (G2)

  • E-signature tools
  • Contract lifecycle management (CLM)
  • Starts at $10 per month

What Are Sales Tools? 

Sales tools are software platforms or apps that assist teams in managing, streamlining, and optimizing their processes. They aim to reduce the manual aspects of sales, improve efficiency, and ultimately increase productivity.

With these tools, sales and business development teams can automate routine tasks, keep track of customer interactions, and visualize trends and insights into sales performance. As a result, they can achieve their sales targets with ease.

Sales tools range from customer relationship management (CRM) and analytics systems to communication tools and prospecting platforms. They're designed to assist with various aspects of sales, such as lead generation, pipeline management, sales forecasting, data analysis, and more.

How to Evaluate Sales Tools for Your Team

When choosing the right sales tools for your team, there are several factors to consider. Here are the key things to consider when evaluating a sales tool for your business.


Consider your budget and the return on investment the tool can provide. Some tools may be more expensive upfront but can offer long-term cost savings. Take advantage of free trials and demos to gauge if they're worth the price.


Identify the features that are most important to your sales process. The tool should be able to meet your specific needs, whether it's lead generation, data analysis, or pipeline management. The tool should also be user-friendly and not require extensive training.

Customer Support

Responsive customer support is crucial for quickly resolving issues and ensuring seamless operation. Look for providers offering reliable customer support in various formats, including phone, email, how-to guides, and videos.

1. FiveCRM

FiveCRM salestool

Rating: 4.4/5.0 (G2)

Key Features:

  • Full customization: You can fully customize FiveCRM to fit your unique sales processes, from the user interface to the workflows.
  • Email marketing: Personalize your email outreach to various prospects and segments with automated workflows, follow-ups, and email campaigns.
  • Intelligent automation: Prevent pipeline rot by allowing FiveCRM to automate appointment setting and call-back management.
  • Agent analytics and reporting: Boost decision-making with real-time insights through customer and business intelligence tools.

When you need a CRM that works for you, FiveCRM should be your go-to sales tool. The only CRM designed for lead generation, its various features streamline your sales processes. FiveCRM comes standard with customizable dashboards, intelligent automation, email marketing campaign tools, and powerful integrations with many sales tools.

FiveCRM is known for its powerful B2B lead generation with automated appointment setting and call-back management, eliminating the risk of rot in your sales pipelines. Plus, all of your agents will have real-time customer and business intelligence at their fingertips, so they can customize every sales call.

FiveCRM offers flexible pricing based on seats, starting at $70 per seat/month or $63 per seat if billed annually.

2. Terminus

Terminus Measurement Studio: Overview

Rating: 4.45.0 (G2)

Key Features:

  • Actionable insights: Easily access critical data and insights directly pulled into your CRM.
  • Multi-channel campaigns: Terminus integrates with CRM platforms, marketing automation platforms, and other sales and marketing tools so you can perform multi-channel campaigns with ease.

Terminus is an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platform that offers a unique approach to sales by helping you focus on your top accounts while identifying opportunities for engagement.

Terminus stands out for its capabilities in shortening sales cycles through precision target market engagement. The tool integrates with leading CRM platforms, marketing automation platforms (MAP), and other sales and marketing tools, allowing you to orchestrate multi-channel campaigns.

While prices are not published on their website, Terminus has various plans and bundles based on your specific needs.

3. Salesforce Sales Cloud

A mix of dashboards including contact management, opportunity management, and workflow automation.

Rating: 4.3/5.0 (G2)

Key Features:

  • Sales engagement: Boost your sales processes with built-in sales engagement features. Seamlessly connect with buyers and inspire action.
  • Sales AI: Empower salespeople with Einstein-informed intelligence integrated into your CRM, guiding them through every stage of the sales cycle.
  • Sales performance management: Achieve peak performance by leveraging automation at every stage, from planning to execution.

Salesforce is one of the top-of-mind sales tools with one of the most comprehensive offerings encompassing sales, marketing, commerce, service, IT, and data. Its key features include sales force automation, allowing you to eliminate tedious manual tasks and help your sales teams sell smarter and faster.

Salesforce stands out for its comprehensive range of products and tools that cater to all sales needs. The platform's robust capabilities connect the sales process to marketing, customer service, and other apps within its entire product suite. Your entire revenue-generating machine can live in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Pricing varies depending on the specific product or solution. For instance, Sales Cloud pricing starts at $25 per user/month (if billed annually).

4. Catalyst

Sales tool screen shot

Rating: 4.6/5.0 (G2)

Key Features:

  • Signals: Discover and take action on new customer growth opportunities by seamlessly integrating data, AI, and relationship-based workflows into the customer experience.
  • Email: Proactively engage with customers strategically and in a scalable manner to deepen relationships, primarily when significant milestones are achieved or specific actions are taken.

Catalyst is a customer success platform designed to centralize customer data, provide a clear view of customer health, and scale experiences for retention and growth. Key features include signals, playbooks, a customer journey builder, segmentation and activity tracking, and account layouts.

Positioned as the "most intuitive customer success platform," Catalyst offers a unique feature called "Health Insights," which uses health scores to gauge how engaged a client is and how likely they are to renew.

Their website does not provide specific pricing details, but those interested are encouraged to fill out the contact form.

5. Insightly

2 sales pipeline and lead

Rating: 4.2/5.0 (G2)

Key Features:

  • Sales pipeline and lead management: Capture relevant details for each lead and distribute them to your team based on your criteria, all while seeing the status of deals in real-time.
  • Sales lead tracking: Create sales velocity by uncovering insights into all of your leads.
  • Opportunity management: Manage and take action on opportunities using customized pipelines.

Insightly is a CRM platform with features such as sales force automation, email marketing, lead management automation, and other tools.

It's known as a popular CRM software among Google and Microsoft 365 users, integrating with top sales dialers via AppConnect. Insightly also offers tailored customer journeys and user-friendly service portals. Plus, Insightly is cost-effective, with monthly plans starting at only $29 per user/month.

6. HubSpot Sales Hub

Shows a simplified Sales Hub user interface where a user is viewing various sales deals from the deals dashboard

Rating: 4.4/5.0 (G2)

Key Features:

  • Lead management and prospecting: Manage your leads and upcoming sales activities on one personalized prospecting workspace.
  • Sales automation: Set up a series of automated, personalized emails and follow-up tasks to nurture leads.
  • HubSpot AI: Use AI to draft engaging prospecting emails or create compelling CTAs.

HubSpot Sales Hub is a robust sales software solution that can drive productivity and enhance customer relationships. Features include sales engagement tools, deal management features, reporting and analytics tools, payments, quotes, and CPQ capabilities.

HubSpot is best known for its extensive knowledge base and wealth of information on sales, marketing, CRM, and other revenue-generating drivers. Its key differentiator is its ability to integrate with the HubSpot CRM and 1,500+ tools in HubSpot's App Marketplace, streamlining sales processes and facilitating more effective lead and customer management.

HubSpot offers free tools, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. However, specialized tools in the Sales Hub become available starting at $20 per month for the Starter package.

7. Copper

Copper integrates with Google Workspace

Rating: 4.5/5.0 (G2)

Key Features:

  • Centralized contact management: Keep all your contacts in one, easy-to-access place.
  • Mobile app: Track deals and take action on leads, on the go.
  • Email and marketing tools: Send personalized emails or build campaigns to nurture relationships.

Copper is a user-friendly CRM designed to streamline sales processes and enhance customer relationships. Key features include predictive lead management, contact management, deal tracking, and marketing tools.

Copper's pricing starts at $23 per month if paid annually. A free trial is also available so you can test the platform before committing.

8. Pipedrive

a CRM recommendation 6

Rating: 4.2/5.0 (G2

Key Features:

  • Customizable pipeline: Match the pipeline with your sales cycle by adding custom stages and fields.
  • Contact history: View the entire history of all interactions with a customer, including calls, emails, meetings, and notes.

Pipedrive is a deal-driven CRM solution with lead and deal management, tracking capabilities, and the ability to assist with marketing. One of the best things about this tool is the visual sales pipeline, where you can have a bird's eye view of the entire sales cycle, including the complete history of your client interactions. 

Pipedrive's Essential plan starts at $14.90 per user/month, with more advanced features available in Advanced, Professional, Power, and Enterprise plans.

9. Zoominfo

Salestool description

Rating: 4.3/5.0 (G2)

Key Features:

  • Contact and company data: Search for your ideal customers using the largest B2B contact database of more than 65 million phone numbers and 150 million email addresses.
  • Conversation intelligence: Analyze every interaction to know what works (and what doesn't).

While ZoomInfo is best known as a B2B sales prospecting tool, it has go-to-market features such as sales intelligence and built-in automation. Its benefits include identifying ideal customer profiles and ready-to-buy prospects and the ability to automate outreach tasks.

ZoomInfo is a go-to prospecting tool because of its accurate and frequently updated database that features millions of phone numbers and email addresses. You can easily find your next target using the simple search capabilities.

10. DocuSign

An image of a sales tool

Rating: 4.5/5.0 (G2)

Key Features:

  • E-signature features: Send, sign, and approve contracts quickly and securely from anywhere.
  • Contract lifecycle management (CLM): Manage the entire contract process from creation to execution, in one place.

DocuSign is a popular e-signature software offering advanced document management and workflow automation features. It integrates seamlessly with your CRM, reducing paperwork and making deal closures faster. It also automates the contract lifecycle, from contract generation to final signature.

A Personal plan is available for $10 per month if billed annually. Additional plans are available, depending on your needs.

Close More Deals With FiveCRM

FiveCRM stands out among sales tools for its focus on effective sales and marketing automation. Plus, you can completely customize the platform to fit your unique sales processes. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, FiveCRM can help you streamline your sales tasks and close more deals.

Ready to see how FiveCRM can transform your sales strategy? Start a demo today and experience the benefits for yourself.

Sales Tools FAQs

Q: What are sales tools?

A: Sales tools are software platforms or apps that assist sales and business development teams in managing, streamlining, and optimizing their sales processes. They help automate routine tasks, track customer interactions, and provide insights into sales performance. These tools can range from CRM systems and analytics platforms to communication tools and prospecting platforms.

Q: Why are sales tools essential for a sales team?

A: Sales tools are crucial as they help in reducing manual aspects of sales, improving efficiency, and increasing productivity. With the right sales tools, teams can automate routine tasks, visualize sales performance trends, and achieve their sales targets more effectively.

Q: How do I choose the right sales tool for my team?

A: When selecting a sales tool, consider the platform's price, features, and customer support options. It's essential to identify the features that align with your sales process and ensure the tool is user-friendly. Additionally, responsive customer support can be crucial for resolving issues and ensuring smooth operation.

Q: What features should I look for in a sales tool?

A: Depending on your sales process, you might look for features such as lead generation, pipeline management, sales forecasting, data analysis, email marketing, automation capabilities, and integrations with other platforms.

Q: How does FiveCRM stand out among other sales tools?

A: FiveCRM stands out for its focus on sales and marketing automation. It offers complete customization, allowing users to tailor the platform to their unique sales processes. Features like email marketing, intelligent automation, and agent analytics make it a comprehensive solution for sales teams.

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