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Pursuit Marketing

Staff are always available, friendly and helpful. And the solution meets all my business needs.

Host Europe Group

I’m really impressed with how flexible and customisable the CRM is within one simple application.


The reporting functionality is really helpful as well as it allows me to see the relevant KPIs for all my teams.

VIVA Bahrain

They have been incredible and have managed to give us a sales tool in a week. They have been tremendous help!

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Reporting is one of the best for CRM platforms, finally we can forget about these problems.

Great Guns

A very powerful tool with bundles of functionality. I’ve had a great experience with them.

Cornmarket Insurance

We couldn’t operate day to day without it. It’s fundamental to our companies success!

Mainline Payments

I’ve been using it now for just over 6 months and it’s completely transformed our company.

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Lingo Group Ltd

It is a valuable part of our armoury, helping us to manage multiple campaigns for multiple clients.

Inspired Telemarketing

They provide a system that can be customized to suit our requirements, not the systems.

Johnson Controls

Their ability to customize to meet our needs and the number of features they have is impressive.

Beanstalk Marketing

Before it was a nightmare getting two different pieces of software to communicate to each other.