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The Importance of a Sales Team

The Importance of a Sales Team
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The Importance of a Sales Team

The sales team is imperative in assisting in the growth of the company, through converting leads into customers and increasing the customer base. They play a vital role within every organization, here’s how:

Sales lead conversion rate

A company’s sales team is in constant contact with its target audience in order to build a rapport with leads, in the hope to convert them into customers. Not only do the sales team build a relationship, they also help to bridge the gap between the products and/ or services being sold, and the needs of the potential customer.

For most organizations the sales team works closely with the marketing team, to attract prospects. However, the sales team are responsible for carrying the prospect through the sales pipeline and closing the deal. A small business publication rightly differentiates between Marketing and Sales by saying, “while it is sometimes difficult to draw the line at where the marketing process ends and the sales efforts begin, the sales effort is the effort that actually collects the money… or the obligation to buy, in the case of a purchase order or financed arrangement. The marketing effort creates favourable conditions for the sale to take place. In a nutshell, the marketer leads the horse to water; the sales team makes it drink.”

If a company has a strong sales team, they have an improved chance of converting more leads to customers and thus increasing revenue and the customer base. Managing leads is the most important thing to ensure sales are achieved.

Business Growth

Personal interaction the sales teams have with customers and prospects, is a great way to instill trust, confidence and loyalty. Making current customers happy can lead to customer advocates and customer feedback, which is valued by prospects when making a purchasing decision.

In this digital age where customers can easily leave comments and reviews on review websites and social media platforms for everyone to see, building strong rapport and real relationships is important. Reviews and feedback which come from third party resources are seen as more credible, as they are not a direct affiliate of a company. Building strong rapport with customers is a way to create long standing relationships, that will lead to customers who will recommend the company and in turn help grow their business.

In our previous blog we discussed the importance of customer feedback, where we explained how customer feedback can assist in company growth. Customer feedback can support the sales process, by helping a prospect to make the purchasing decision.

Customer Retention

It is important to make a sale, but it’s also important to create relationships in order to retain customers. Attracting new customers will cost your company 5 times more than keeping an existing one, according to Forbes. In many cases after a period of time (weeks or months usually) the Customer Support department will be handed the responsibility of keeping customers satisfied maintaining the relationship.

In fact, according to a marketing publication, “one of the keys to customer retention through sales is to perform sales follow-ups. Setting up after-sales calls or meetings is a great way to maintain and build a positive relationship and gives the customer an opportunity to provide feedback about their experience of the product or service. If the customer has a complaint or issue, it can be dealt with quickly and professionally.”

More often than not, customers don’t report an unhappy experience with a company and just simply switch to a competitor. A web analytics company claims that “71% of consumers have ended their relationship with a company due to poor customer service.” On the other hand, customers who are loyal to the brand tend to refer friends or clients via word of mouth, which can lead to an increase in the brand’s awareness and reputation.

In an article Forbes found that “increasing customer retention rates by just 5%, increases profits by 25% to 95%.” What’s more, according to an eConsultancy report  “82% of companies agree that retention is cheaper to execute than acquisition.”

Therefore, customer retention is key to business growth as maintaining customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones, and can also contribute to the profit of a business.

Companies should not underestimate the importance of their sales team and the vital role they play in an organization’s growth. Sales teams not only increase revenue but they also have a strong impact on brand reputation, long-term customer relationships, retention of customers and overall business growth.


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