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Do you have one person allocated to be responsible for GDPR?


Is that person fully conversant with all the details of GDPR and ePrivacy?


Have you planned your staff awareness training?

4. Have you scheduled a review of all information you hold?

5. Is every contact in your database flagged with a lawful reason for being there?

6. If not, have you formulated a plan to do so?

7. Does the plan include how you are going to ask for consent if you cannot justify "Legitimate interest" or other basis?

8. Can you track consent by reason and channel?

9. Do you have a way to store all the information necessary for consent?

10. Do you have a way to delete contact names and proof of doing so?

11. Do you also delete from backups (i.e. which would restore data that is now deleted)?

12. Do you have a way of knowing when consent was withdrawn?

13. Are you able to turn off tracking and analysis for your email campaigns?

14. Can you tell what your privacy policy was on any given date?

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